Dr. Carter one of Edvocate’s 2017 EdTech 20

Thrilled to see our Co-Founder and CEO , Dr. Julie Carter recognized as one of the top 20 EdTech influencers for 2017!

Who are the biggest edtech influencers in the world? The Edvocate editorial team has exhaustively researched the movers and shakers of edtech and selected 20 global influencers. To frame our methodology, we decided to define edtech influencer broadly. On this list, you will find administrators, bloggers, journalists, policymakers, researchers, innovators, businessmen, activists, etc. who are transforming the edtech space as we know it.

Global-EdTech-Influencers_BadgeThe influencers that we chose are all active in the area of edtech, doing something influential in 2017, well-known throughout the edtech landscape, and making an impact globally. We are excited to witness how these influencers continue to change the world this year, and we are anxious to see who will stand on the shoulders of these giants, and as a result, make our list next year. Without further ado, here is The Edvocate’s 2017 EdTech 20: A Ranking of 20 Global Edtech Influencers. Read More

The Edvocate’s 2017 EdTech 20: A Ranking of 20 Global Edtech Influencers

How to keep up with ed-tech policies

Source: SmartBrief on Education in partnership with GreyED

It is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of educational technology, especially as it relates to policy. A good resource to know is ON[the]LINE, a service that provides resources designed to help school districts and county offices of education establish education policies and practices that address the rapidly evolving impacts of technology in 21st-century education.

ON[the]LINE is supported by a coalition of education professionals, education associations (including CETPA, CSBA, ACSA, and SCCOE, among others) and the law firm of Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP.

Solving the “how to” dilema

Source: SmartBlog on Education in partnership with GreyED Solutions

At some point we have all had to provide “How to” instructions to friends and colleagues on navigating a website, sharing a document, or on the latest tech tip. You may have tried listing the directions. You may have been a little more adventurous and taken screenshots and added some arrows to help the user see where they should go and what they should click. You may have even combined the two methods. Somehow, you still face the dilemma of not being sure your friend or colleague fully understood what to do.

Take risks to accelerate change

Source: SmartBlog on Education in partnership with GreyED Solutions

Striving to build and maintain high-functioning teams of people in our schools is a layered and complex task, especially when asking our teachers to implement new and fast-changing technology. Even when we bring together the most brilliant minds in our spaces, it can be an art to create a space where those people are pushing themselves and one another to achieve elevated levels of greatness. When a leader pushes for innovation and new practices, we need our teachers to not only take risks, but share in honest reflections about these experiences and plans for continued growth.